Focus on interpreting, not dashboarding.

Excellence Streamlined

Let us take care of cleaning, standardizing, and importing your claims.


Augment your decision-making process with enriched data insights.


Leverage advanced analytics to provide detailed data on fair cost assessments.

What sets us apart from the competition.

We know there are a lot of Chrome Plugins, here's why we're the best

Claim Analytics 2.0

Engineer features into your claims department

Integrated Data Access

Offer a panoramic view of claims, providers, payers, and claimants for enhanced analysis.

Fully Auditable

Understand every step of your pipeline and how much it's costing you.

World-Class Practices

Make world-class analytics and insights easier to implement.

Provider and Claimant Profiling

Access dynamic, detailed profiles of stakeholders for deep claim assessments.

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