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Mano Claims is the industry-leading provider of GenerativeAI technology for health benefits administration.

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Adjusters turned Specialists

We promote your team from Claims Adjusters to Claims Specialists


AI Guided Adjusting

Mano automates 96% of claims adjusting and guides your Claims Specialists on triaging only the critical, high-touch, and high-cost claims. This means you have an even higher human touch while automating validations and document checks without training or additional oversight.


ROI Decision Support

Predicting how changes to coverage or additional point solutions will affect cost and utilization is difficult. We use proprietary GenerativeAI and Risk Models to identify the most likely scenarios and calculate a statistically significant Return on Investment (ROI).


AI Reports and Analytics

We provide AI-powered reporting, compliance, and analytics straight out-of-the-box so your Claims Specialists can focus only on insights and analysis. We move and sync your claims data directly from any Claims Management System.

Everyone wins

By aligning incentives we can drive prices down.


Increase your customer satisfaction and level of service with the help of a world-class technology platform.


You need people you trust to help make complicated decisions. Use technology to get transparency and visibility without any theatrics.


Get immediate access to your customer's claims and make sure all the pieces are in place for a better benefit experience.

Stop-Loss MGUs

Automate data intake, protocol adherence, and compliance so you can offer competitive pricing on specific and aggregate coverage.